We 100% guarantee your own meat back


Standard Processing $1.20lb.

(Steaks, Roast, Burger & Wrapped)


Burger & Raw products - 1½ or 2lb packs $.65 lb.

Burger & Raw products - 1lb packs $.85 lb.

Bulk Grinds (you wrap) $.75 lb.


*20lb. minimum on all sausage orders*

**All sausage prices are based on finished weight**

*Vacuum Packaging $1.00 lb.*

Pioneer Slims   $5.55 lb.

Teriyaki Sticks   $5.55 lb.

Jalapeno Sticks   $5.55 lb.

 Pepperoni Sticks   $5.55 lb. 

Barbeque Sticks   $5.55 lb. 

Polish Sausage   $3.50 lb.

Summer Sausage   $3.30 lb.

Summer Sausage w/Jalapeno & Cheese   $4.35lb.

Jumbo Wieners   $3.50 lb.

Jumbo Wieners w/Cheese    $4.25lb.

Jumbo Wieners w/Jalapeno and Cheese   $4.35 lb.

Bratwurst   $3.45 lb.

Country-style Bratwurst   $4.35 lb.

Sweet Italian Sausage (Bulk)   $2.45 lb.

Breakfast Sausage (Bulk)   $1.95 lb.

Mexican Chorizo (Bulk)   $2.50 lb. 


Beef Trim $2.10 lb.

Cheese Added $.85 lb.

Jalapeno Added $.30 lb.

Green Olives Added $.30 lb.

Extra Spices Added $.25lb.

**Shipping Available**

**Prices Subject to Change**

** A Cleaning Fee of up to 30% may be added**

**$10 per day charged for all orders left 3 days or more**


Please do not call to check on your order. We process hundreds of orders & will call you as soon as your order is done! Multiple calls delay our ability to finish your order in a timely manner.  Thank you in advance for your consideration on this matter.

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